Who we are

Evolufy Africa is a Non-govermental organisation that seeks to provide  basic needs for children and youths. Evolufy Africa was initially founded as the Dellasdiary Foundation in 2016 and officially rebranded on July 23rd, 2022.


Evolufy Africa is creating the platform for succor for children and youths to be rightly equipped and nurtured with the right resources and expertise in every regard thereby supporting their vision within the scope of Africa. 

In doing this, we see that Africa would regain its honour and gold would be mined as people until Africa is evolved. We believe that Evolution starts in a place; person after person.



Evolufy Africa, a nonprofit organization, is committed to empowering Children and Youths through education, trainings and programs that would improve their general wellbeing and increase their standard of living thereby, placing Africa on a global stage both economically and socially.


1. Passion - We love and appreciate the work we do and we are passionate about seeing what is possible with children and youths in Africa despite the stumbling blocks. We are committed to seeing an evolved Africa through its content. 

2. Innovation - We embrace a forward thinking outlook and atmosphere. We seize opportunities to create adventure to achieve fulfillment in all aspects of life to help us serve our purpose. 

3. Impact - We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. We produce results and it’s measurable.

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