The Maendeleo Africa Fellowship Program Cohort 4

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030 young Africans are expected to constitute 42% of global youth

Over the years, there has been reduced youth engagement and participation in politics and leadership. 

One of the reasons for this ranges from disinterest in leadership and politics, to a wide skill gap and lack of resources. 

A survey carried out by Evolufy Africa showed that many youths were either disinterested or had no idea how to be involved with governance.

Maendeleo Fellowship for Changemakers is an intense virtual fellowship to bring up youths who are passionate about making positive changes on the African Continent. The fellowship brings together aspiring and current NGO Founders, Volunteers, people who want to make an impact and change but don't know how to and leaders across the SDG. The fellowship takes these young leaders on a journey of self-discovery, skill acquisition, leadership development, emotional intelligence, and purpose definition that helps them become intricately and extensively better at what they do. The fellowship also serves as a platform for networking and collaboration - tools that are indispensable in affecting sustainable continental and global change. 

The initiative started in the year 2020 and has impacted over 100 young people. They have been able to define their leadership jurisdictions and develop the skills that will ensure that they are effective in causing sustainable change in their world.

Last year (2023),  Maendeleo Africa had 13 Outstanding facilitators, 3 volunteers and 54 youths across Africa who completed the program. 

After the completion of the 8 weeks of intense learning and capstone projects, participants graduated and were inducted into The Maendeleo Africa Alumni Network.

The Maendeleo Africa Alumni Network is a vibrant community comprising innovators, inventors, and change-makers who have participated in the Maendeleo Africa Fellowship Program. This virtual fellowship program is designed to nurture and empower young individuals who possess a deep passion for effecting positive change across the African continent. 

The network serves as a prestigious and expanding community of like-minded individuals who are esteemed leaders within their respective communities in Africa. Members of this network have access to a wealth of resources and opportunities, and they actively engage in knowledge exchange, fostering growth and providing mutual support to one another.

Maendeleo Africa Fellowship is set to;

1.  Provide adequate training for the youth, a strong community of young change-makers, and an opportunity to gain firsthand experience in leadership and politics. The initiative will achieve this through her key activities. 

2. To create an engaging gathering of change makers, experts, and key stakeholders. 

3. To create a support system for founders, volunteers, and directors to collaborate and critically think together. 

4. To create a ripple effect for the impact on the participants’ society and extend to direct and indirect beneficiaries. 

5. To develop leaders that can develop SDG-friendly, community-driven projects that will drive meaningful change 

The application is ongoing and closes on March 3, 2024.

Hurry now, Click the link below to register and start your journey as a change-maker.

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