Everything You Need to Know About the Orange Program

The Orange Program is a non-profit Social Enterprise at Evolufy Africa aimed at creating a network of children and teenagers who are guided by mentors to equip and train them with the right resources and expertise. We are equipping children and teenagers between age 8-17 across Africa with a high degree of mentorship for their talents, soft skills, tech and spirituality.

Everything You Need to Know About the Orange Program

Our mission is to connect 100,000 children to mentors by 2030 through series of mentorship processes, activities and trainings across different countries in the continent of Africa.

Aims and Objectives of The Orange Program

1. To support children to become independent, outspoken and innovative.
2. To help the mentees get conscious of their inner strength and power, mental health, spirituality and social responsibility
3. To produce mentees who can grow to also mentor others
4. To build a sense of responsibility and patriotism in the heart of the mentees
5. To celebrate and support the skills and talents of children in our programs
6. To build a network of mentees and mentors who can create a ripple effect of socio-economic change in the continent
7. To provide mentees with the right knowledge, resources and capacity to improve their community.

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