Team F: Mandela - Advocacy & Civil Rights


Service Areas 
  • ADVOCACY & PARTNERSHIP -Sustainable and beneficial partnerships with social enterprises, and governmental organisations.

  • EDUCATION - Quality and affordable education.

  • GENDER EQUALITY - Equal opportunities amongst all gender 


  • COMMUNICATION - Spread the word to 100 affected girls  using hybrid information dissemination tools available. 

  • INSTRUCTION -  Create a policy document that can aid any interested policy maker in knowing the statistics.

  • STRATEGY INFORMATION - Sensitize and advocate with facts employing community visitation. 

  • VISIBILITY - Create awareness with social Media and content creation.


  • MONTHLY PUBLICATIONS Articles and blogs 

  • TOWN HALL MEETINGS Community wide advocacy in partnership with relevant parties 

  • 2 MEDIA CONTENTS - Videos and podcast

  • SENSITIZATION - Community-- Community drive

  • A POLICY DOCUMENT - Publish a policy document for policy review to journal advocacy lessons.

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