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0 Waste - Agricultural Extension Programme

Zero Waste is an agricultural practice that uses plants, animals, bacteria, fungi and algae to produce bio diverse food, energy and nutrients in a synergistic integrated cycle of profit making process where the waste of each process becomes the feed for another process.

Typical examples include:
  • Using water from a particular approach to support other water-dependent processes etc.
  • Using earthworm to help you with the composting process


  • To Enlighten not less than 30 farmers in Potella Community, Ogo-Oluwa Local government, Oyo State on the meaning, application and benefit of zero waste practices as well as how to measure waste on their farmlands,
  • To ensure that not less than 30 farmers in Potella Community, Ogo-oluwa Local Government are equipped with knowledge on resilient agricultural practices such as soil health, crop management, pest and disease control, farm and business management and gender inclusion
  • Establish and maintain partnership with Songhai farms and an Agricultural Association in Oyo State towards the cause of zero -waste practice in Pontella Community.
  • Ensure that agricultural waste in Oyo State is reduced to the barest minimum

You can access the Execution team document here and as well access the Project Proposal here.

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