What is the Evolution of Africa?

The theme of this programme is: The Evolution of Africa: To walk in a park or boil the ocean?

This program hopes to bring together, 500+ actors, beneficiaries and stakeholders in the evolution of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. These stakeholders shall discuss the possibilities of systems and structures to make Africa work by achieving its goals across the different SDGs. This would include keynote speeches, panel sessions and art exhibitions to pass on the message of Evolution.

  1. To awaken stakeholders to the possibility of evolution in the African Ecosystem
  2. To discuss the challenges of an average Nigerian in building what they have identified close to their hearts
  3. To expose possible steps on what is achievable across the different 17 SDGs
  4. To clarify problems of the different beneficiaries and the effect of collaborative efforts into making Africa work.
  5. To shine the light on success stories, failure stories and significant revolution in the history of Nigeria through art exhibition and storytelling.
  6. To enlighten young Nigerian secondary school students on what their roles are in the society
  7. To provide a roundtable engagement with national leaders and pioneers to discuss governance and its challenges from the insiders point of view.
  8. To make plain what Evolufy Africa has come to do in the areas of Education, Civic Engagement, Leadership and Partnerships with the goals

The Evolution of Africa is a one-day event with needed stakeholders, actors and beneficiaries across the different SDGs. For a proper breakdown, we are looking at a total of 50 actors, 70 stakeholders, 30 volunteers and 350 secondary school students. This program is open to anyone within and outside the state as you can attend and engage, whether physically and virtually.

Now that you understand everything about the Evolution of Africa and what we are doing to make it happen, simply fill in the form below to register or click here to fill in your details if you have any issues with the form. For further enquiry, kindly reach us here.

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